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Made By Mum

Sometimes we stock items that were not made by us. “Made by Mum” is one of those situations. When Steph’s Mum passed away, she had a stockpile of amazing knitted items that she was going to sell someday. And like many of us with a variety of things, someday never came. We decided to complete her plans by listing her items for sale here: Made By Mum Products

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Welcome to Hobby Chaos!

Welcome to our website!

Hobby Chaos is the merging of all our little hobby businesses – Dogs In Gear (Canine Sports Supplier), Stuff We Made, HomeSteady and Nova Scotia Treasures! You can see why we called it “Hobby Chaos”… that is exactly what it is 🙂

Who We Are

John and Steph are the husband and wife team behind Hobby Chaos. We create products and run the business out of our home in Nova Scotia.

Steph is a computer programmer by day and a manic maker by night (and weekends!). A selection of the things she makes:

  • Dog harnesses
  • Dog mushing gear
  • Dog walking belts
  • Sewn items as requested or as the mood strikes
  • Memorial pieces
  • Knitting and crochet stitch markers/progress keepers
  • Resin things like pendants, keychains, pen stands etc
  • Paint pouring canvases

John is our photographer and videographer and he makes stuff too! He’s also our Smart Home aficionado.