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TechNiche HYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Cool Wrist Wraps are made with 100% polyester mesh for maximum comfort. It is well known that wrists are pulse points, where blood is closest to the skin therefore easier to cool. Evaporative cooling technology harnesses the energy that is produced when water naturally evaporates into the atmosphere. Simply submersing the Wraps in water for 1 to 2 minutes, or until they reach the desired level of hydration activates our evaporative cooling Wrist Wraps. Gently wring out excess water and wrap around your wrists. Once activated, the Wrist Wraps will provide 5-10 hours of cooling relief.

Evaporative Cooling Hat, soak in water for 1-2 minutes and enjoy cooling relief and comfort
Will stay cool for 5-10 hours dependent on ambient conditions
Lower overall body temperature by using on wrists
Keeps your wrists cool for hours
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