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TechNiche HYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Neck Band is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day, whether at work, rest or play. HYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Neck Band utilizes a unique polymer chemistry to achieve rapid absorption and stable water storage, which creates enhanced evaporation and longevity of cooling. The user can expect the Neck Band to provide temperatures that are 20-30% cooler than the ambient atmosphere. The exact temperature difference will depend on humidity, exposure to airflow and other environmental conditions. Easy to activate, simply soak the Neck Band in water for 1-2 minutes and gently squeeze out excess water. Cooling will last 5-10 hours, re-soaking may be required from time to time.

Made using quick-release snap for improved user safety

Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soak

Light-weight, easy to activate and durable polyester Cool Mesh outer with HYPERKEWL fabric inner

No beads in the product, the water absorption occurs within the HYPERKEWL fabric



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Black, Blue, Canada Flag, Pink, Sand


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